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See how Santa Fe Christian Schools in Solana Beach, California is using REPu as a tool to promote all their sports and keep their families and community engaged with the school every day.


Robbie Roberts, Assistant Athletic Director at Santa Fe Christian Schools, shares his experience using the REPu Mobile App for High School Sports.


The Challenge

Located in beautiful Solana Beach, California, Santa Fe Christian School has a student body totaling over 1,000 students in grades K-12. Taking into account these students and their collective families, there is an extensive community looking to engage with their fellow students, their faculty and - most importantly, the school's athletic programs - in their own unique ways.

Recently, staff at Santa Fe Christian School realized they needed a new and innovative way to engage with this audience, keeping them up to date on all of the latest athletic events and activities, while showcasing the school on a larger platform. It not only needed to function internally, but it ultimately had to engage the community in an innovative way. After extensive research and trying out a variety of options, in the end Santa Fe decided to partner with REPu in an effort to accomplish all of this with one single vendor.

The Solution

For years, Santa Fe Christian School's partnership with REPu (then known as Sideline Studios) took the form of the SFC Talon - a 60+ page full color media guide that was updated on an seasonal basis. While this did provide a lot of essential information, it was difficult and expensive to maintain. Because it was printed and not digital, the information grew stale almost immediately. It was a viable solution for awhile (and most schools still do this today), but especially as the mobile and digital world began to take hold something deeper was needed.

This evolved into the SFC Talon mobile application in 2015, which is much more than just an extension of the traditional media guide. It's an official, school branded app that was built with the Santa Fe Christian School community in mind. It's a centralized hub for all critical information about sporting events, group activities and more. The app quickly proved to be so popular that it became the basis of REPu’s digital platform that many schools around the country now use.

The Outcome

Almost immediately after the app launched, everyone - from faculty members to students to families and everyone in between - found it a very effective way to keep the Santa Fe Christian School Community deeply engaged with the school itself on a daily basis.

Jessica Martin, parent to one student at the school, said that, "no longer do we have to find an email, get a text from a coach, find a text from a parent to get updates or directions to places - we have everything at the click of a button”.

Nick Farrell, Strength and Conditioning Coach at the school, echoed those sentiments by saying, "for me, it's nice to have a database of scheduling in my pocket that is easily accessible so I can find out schedule changes, where events are happening, which athletes are playing which sports, and what season they're in so I can formulate their workouts accordingly”.

All the content on the app is managed daily, allowing everyone access to up-to-date information about any game, student activity, or other events in real-time. The community at Santa Fe Christian School is very happy with what their partnership with REPu has been able to accomplish thus far and they look forward to rolling out new functionality and features to better connect the school with their community.

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