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The fact of the matter is that technology (and especially smartphones) are becoming a more ubiquitous part of our lives with each passing day. It’s rare to see someone without a smartphone in their hand or in their pocket. We rely on these mobile devices daily for information, communication, banking, fitness tracking, sports information and of course taking photos and videos. 

The youth of today have grown up in the smartphone culture and haven’t experienced what life was like before having an iPhone or Android with nearly unlimited access to information. So why is it that most high schools in the US still rely on a website to share their sports and activities information with their community and fans?

The key for educational organizations isn’t to shy away from the proliferation of smartphones, but lean into it. Everyone – from students to parents to coaches, players and everyone in between – wants to be able to see photos, videos, schedules and news from their favorite school sports and activities. They want this content with them wherever they go and they don’t want to spend time looking for it. Most of all, they want YOU to deliver it.

Up to now, the idea of having your own high school sports app, completely branded to your school, was simply too expensive, too complicated to run and maintain and frankly, not very user friendly. That’s all changed thanks to the REPu High School Sports App.

By choosing REPu, you can keep your entire community engaged with a high school sports mobile app, powered by a digital platform that can effortlessly deliver the content people want when they want it the most. Create post-event news articles, play highlight videos of sports and other activities and events, give secure access to coaches, staff and parents to help manage and maintain the content to take any burden off the shoulders of the Athletic Director’s office.

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