The High School Sports App

The REPu Mobile Platform enables schools to easily deliver their sports content to their fans through a mobile app and mirrored athletics website. 


Everybody wants to see photos and videos from their favorite sports and they expect it to be delivered on their mobile device. With the REPu Mobile Platform, you can easily deliver your sports content directly to your fans without them having to go look for it. Your school mobile app will keep them engaged with your teams throughout the season.

  • Easily upload, tag and share photos for each game and sport
  • Create post-game news articles
  • Show highlight videos of your sports teams
  • Give access to a coach or parent to upload game photos
REPu Mobile Platform - Videos
REPu Mobile Platform - Roster Profile


Your athletes deserve to be noticed. With the REPu Mobile App, athletes have their own roster profile across all of the sports they play. They can easily be tagged in photos, videos and news stories that are added to the app which will automatically update their profile.

  • Tag athletes in photos, videos and news stories
  • Save & share their tagged photos & videos
  • Show every sport the athlete participates in
  • Keep the athlete’s profile updated automatically


Do you have coaches who are passionate about coaching and want to promote their sports more? The REPu Mobile Platform was designed to lesson the workload on the athletic department by enabling access for the coaches to manage and promote their sports.

  • Create post-game articles for fans to read about the last game
  • Give team parents or coaches authorization to upload photos & videos
  • Send push notifications whenever a game detail has been changed
  • Tag all news, photos & videos to your sports, games, or players
  • Score games in real-time and push updates
REPu Mobile Platform - Schedule
REPu Mobile Platform - Sponsors


Using mobile provides you with a new, innovative way to drive revenue back to athletics. There are a number of sponsorship and advertising opportunities available through the REPu Mobile Platform. At REPu, we believe in the role athletics plays in our youth and we want to partner with schools and help them elevate their sports programs.

  • Realize unlimited revenue with the REPu Mobile Platform
  • Guaranteed income to your athletics programs
  • Take full control and unlock the full revenue potential

Elevate your sports with the mobile platform designed for high schools.