Frequently asked questions about the REPu Mobile Platform.

Why do we need an app for our school’s athletics?

Look around, everyone is on their phones! People today are getting their content from apps on mobile devices and this is where your school should be! Your fans will be able to get ALL information about your school’s athletics right from your school branded app. This app is going to be an incredible resource for your school to build a new level fan engagement

We already have an athletics website though, isn’t that good enough?

Honestly? No. Since REPu is a mobile focused company we believe that a website should be in supplement to an app. Like we said before, people want their content from apps on their phones wherever they are. They don’t want to wait to get home and go to www. on their computer. But since we know you should have a website, we give you a mirrored website for FREE when you use the app. This website will match ALL the content in your app. This gives you the ability to have your sports content mirrored in the 2 locations your fans will want to go for information.

How much does it cost?

We have two versions available; FREE and PAID (clever names huh?). The FREE version costs nothing to your school on an annual basis, and REPu handles the advertising and sponsorships. The PAID version costs $7,500 per year allows your school to control and keep 100% of the advertising revenue.

Is the PAID version the only way my school can generate revenue?

No! With the FREE version we do a revenue share with the school for up to 20%. Talk about a no brainer! Your school can get a FREE app that makes you money

Is the PAID version the onlyThis seems like a lot to manage, how will we get all the content in for every sport? way my school can generate revenue?

One of the best features with the REPu platform is Sport Managers & Content Managers. With Sport Managers, you can give access to just one sport and they can manage everything within this sport. This could be the head coach, assistant coach, or a team manager. With Content Managers you can limit to just the specific content you want a user to manage. A good example of this would be a team mom or dad that loves taking photos of every Baseball game. You would give them access to just photos for Baseball, and when they login all they can do is upload photos for Baseball. This is a great way to delegate out to the individual sports so they can highlight and promote their own programs.

What if something is uploaded that we don’t like or approve?

An App Manager will have access & control over EVERY sport in the platform. A Manager can quickly edit or remove any content at any time. We recommend having one or more Managers that can oversee the content in your app.

Are we limited to the number of Managers, Sports Managers, or Content Managers?

Nope! You can create as many users as you’d like to help manage the app